A Review of Mr. Q Steamboat & BBQ Buffet


Location of Mr. Q Steamboat & BBQ Buffet

This is my first time to try this. I bought 2 coupons from Groupon Malaysia @ RM28 for 2 pax. We went there at around 5.30pm and it was almost full house already. However, due to early reservation, we managed to get our seats. The place is quite a bit small and squeeze. There are 2 types of soup can be chosen, tom yam soup and mi so soup. We can only choose one. So we took mi so soup at the beginning. It was so disappointing that the soup is tasteless. Furthermore, There are less choices of food to choose. 

The drinks they provided for the buffet are Chinese tea and orange only. Only 2 types of drinks are available in the restaurant. For desserts, there are only pudding and watermelon. Some more, the watermelon were so little at there, it was definitely not enough for customers to eat. 

The place is so crowded. It was hard for us to move around to get our food. And, I feel uncomfortable when it was almost 8pm maybe because the place was too crowded. 


Chicken Wings and Fried Meehoon
The only food that I consider delicious enough was the fried chicken wings and fried Meehoon. There are several cooked food available at there but these are the only one I liked.

This is terrible! They do not provide green pandan leaf for BBQ. This is the result after BBQ-ing and how are they expected us to put the food on it to cook again? It was like....ewwwwwww! 

The most interesting part came to here. They were eating under the rain with umbrellas. This was terrible and the owner of the restaurant just leave them like this until they finished eating. Some of the customers who were under the rain tried to move inside, some were waiting for the rain to stop so that they could continue to eat. 

Mr Q Steamboat & BBQ Buffet
Location: 1-1, Jalan PJU 5/13, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya
Food: Fresh seafood, fresh beef, fresh chicken, fresh lamb and fresh live prawns
Contact No.: 016-387 1228
Email: mrqsteamboat@outlook.com

 Serve NO PORK, NO LARD and our fresh meats are from Halal certified.

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