Short Getaway 2D1N Batam Trip 2016


Batam Island is a popular place to visit for Singaporeans. I have heard about this place from my Singapore friends, so I have planned a short trip to visit Batam for a night. Ferry tickets can be purchased online so you don't need to worry on how to get one for yourself. I found that there are few ferry companies provide boat services to Batam. So basically, I purchase ferry tickets right after I choose the hotel.
There are few ferry terminals in Batam so it depends on where you are staying at. This is the reason why I choose my hotel first before purchasing the ferry tickets. At last, I choose to travel with Horizon because it provides more timing on the return boat for selection.

Here are main ferry terminals where the tourists head to:
  1. Batam Center – Nagoya Area (Batam Fast, Sindo Ferry, WaveMaster)
  2. Sekupang – Tempat Senang (Batam Fast, Sindo Ferry, WaveMaster)
  3. Harbour Bay – Swiss-Belhotel (Batam Fast, Prima Ferry, Horizon)
  4. Nongsapura – Nongsa Resorts, Montigo Resort (Batam Fast, WaveMaster)
  5. Waterfront City – Holiday Inn, Harris Resort (Sindo Ferry)
The fare of the ferry return ticket is SGD$48 per pax. There is no way to purchase your tickets on Horizon's website but you may book the ticket (book ticket does not mean you buy the ticket). Once booked online, they email me the booking confirmation and I am requested to reach the ferry terminal center to collect my tickets 90 minutes before departure. To prevent any disappointment, I get to collect the tickets from the counter one day before travel. I would suggest you to reach the terminal at 1-1.5 hours earlier on the travel day. 
My departure time is at 9.40am, I reach Habourfront terminal at 8.00am so I manage to take my breakfast at Vivo City before entering the terminal. There are few restaurants start to operate early in the morning so you do not need to worry where to get your breakfast before departing. I choose to settle my breakfast at Restaruant Han's.
The boat is not fully occupied as expected. So, I manage to grab a window seat where as I could enjoy the scene during the ride later. The ride takes about 45 minutes to reach. Horizon's boat is very clean, cushion seat is comfy enough and TV show is provided. The air-con in the boat is quite cold so I would suggest you to have a jacket with you.

After 45 minutes journey, I am finally reached Habour Bay Terminal. If you want to avoid long queue, I would probably suggest you to upgrade your ticket to VIP ticket so that you can be the first one to leave the boat before others. It could be really a long queue at the Batam Kastam counter during public holidays.
After clearing from the kastam, I look for taxi counter for pricing. To avoid being scammed, I would suggest you to check the taxi fare from the counter before hopping onto the taxi. It costs me RP50,000 (RM15/SGD5) from Habour Bay Terminal to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. The taxi fare is reasonable and I don't think there is any necessary to negotiable it.
*The only cash I left on the second day to be spent at BCS Hypermarket*

The hotel I am staying at is The Pacific Palace Hotel. Get to see my review on this hotel to know what is the reason I choose this hotel. is the place where I get the best hotel deals for my Batam trip!

Majesty Spa & Massage is the massage center I have visited during my Batam trip.

Batam Trip 2016 Itinerary
0940 - Depart from Habourfront Ferry Terminal (Singapore)
1025 - Arrive Habour Bay Ferry Terminal (Batam) *Indo time at 0925, I will start the next timing with Indo time*

0925 - Clearing at Batam Kastam
1000 - Reach Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall
1330 - Lunch at the same place
1430 - Check in to Pacific Palace Hotel, 8-10 minutes drive
1700 - Shopping at BCS Mall
2100 - Driver from Majesty Spa & Massage come to fetch us
2115 - Arrive Majesty Spa & Massage
0030 - Done massage, heading back to hotel

0830 - Breakfast at Restaurant Grand Palace in hotel
1200 - Check-out hotel
1215 - Head to BCS Mall to buy some stuffs
1345 - Leaving BCS and head to Habour Bay Ferry Terminal
1400 - Arrive check-in counter (being asked whether to change to earlier time at 1445)
1500 - Depart from Habour Bay Ferry Terminal
1545 - Arrive Habourfront Singapore *SG time at 1445

  • for boys, there are a lot of good quality and fashionable Tee at Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall. There are offering buy 2 free 1 so it is only around RM15 per piece.
  • make sure you ask for the taxi fare before hopping on it, some taxi drivers aren't honest to you.
  • girls, do not walk alone during night time, it might be dangerous for you.
  • to buy cheap stuffs, BCS Mall hypermarket is probably your best choice.
  • massaging price is really low at Batam, so make sure you find a really comfy place to enjoy to the max.
  • don't worry if you do not bring enough cash, you can probably use credit card at BCS hypermarket and massage center.
If you're asking for taxi driver who could rely on, I would recommend you to call Jasman +62 0813 7463 9026 (call from SG or Malaysia) He is a taxi driver from Habour Bay Taxi. He is so nice and the most important thing is that he is honest.

My total spent on this trip:
ferry ticket = $48
hotel $56/2 = $28
lunch = $5
seafood dinner = $24.20
BCS hypermarket = $79.30
clothing = $35.80

Total: $220.30 (RM660.90)
(I'm choosing quite a luxury hotel so hotel's fare is a little bit high; for seafood dinner, if you come along with more friends, the price to be shared among all could be lower. I can't stop myself on buying food and daily stuffs at BCS so ends up spending a lot.)

These are what I got from BCS Mall. The things here are in low price and worth to shop at here. Actually the locals do suggest us to buy from the mini shops somewhere around.
Emeron Shampoo 340ml = Rp23,600 (RM7.20)
Biore Body Foam 450ml = Rp17,900 (RM5.50)
C.I.L Body Wash (pink & white) = Rp12,000 each (RM3.70)
Enc Charming cream 200ml = Rp22,900 (RM7.00)
Head & Shoulder Shampoo 315ml = Rp35,800 (RM11.00)
Sensodyne Gentle Whitening 160g = Rp30,900 (RM9.50)

Heineken 330ml can = Rp10,500 (RM3.20)
Carlsberg beer 500ml can = Rp14,700 (RM4.50)
Bintang 330ml Radler bottle = Rp13,000 (RM4.00)

Oh gosh, the beer at here is freaking cheap! RM3.20 to buy a can of  beer in Malaysia is impossible. You must drink as much as you can once you visit Batam!
Enjoying the snacks on the boat! Happy Holiday! =)
Do text me if you have any questions about this.

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