Golden Palace Restaurant at Pacific Palace Hotel, Batam


Golden Palace Restaurant is located inside Pacific Palace Hotel in Batam. I am attracted by their promotion poster in the lift. So I actually ignore the hotel breakfast on the next day morning and go for this dim sum buffet. I am actually incurred by the super low price to have a dim sum buffet.
Dim Sum Buffet at IDR99,000 (RM30/SGD$10) per pax
It's at the second floor of the hotel. I step in at around 9am in the morning. There are only few guests dining in the restaurant. I get the chance to look around as the food are all very well organised.
There are various type of flavor of cakes placed nicely on the table together with pretty decorations.
The main point for me to head into this restaurant is the dim sum, so I quickly look for dim sum dishes. There are not much choices of dim sum, anyway there are still plenty of other foods at around for selection.
I strongly recommend you to try this Soto Bihun! It is boiled and rinsed with satay soup. I am definitely falling in love into it.
A pot of satay  soup.
Soto Bihun is now served! There is a staff ready to serve you at the stall where he will cook and serve to you.
See how many siew mai there are in the pot! This is nice after all!
As usual, porridge is served too. It is very common that you can see porridge at almost all the buffet style dining. However, I did not try it as my stomach is too full already.
The desserts are so temptating! It is vey nice presented but I did not manage to try all of them. I like to see more than eat. haha!
Well, I love pudding so I have almost 5 pieces for myself.
The restaurant is very big and quite spacious; and it is more suitable to have wedding functions. The staffs are dressed like sailors, they look so cute in their cute uniforms. Indo citizens are very polite, I feel so comfortable with their attititude.

Location: Pacific Palace Hotel (Jalan Duyung Sei. Jodoh Batam 29432)
Contact Number: +62-778-421-111

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