Trying On My Favorite Korean Food at Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant at Klang Valley


This is the Premium Alaska Set offered by Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant for the upcoming Chinese New Year celebration. Prices are:
RM488 (5-6 pax)
RM988 (8-10 pax)

Dishes which are included in this Premium Alaska Set are shown in each photo below. First dish is the Alaska Shabu Shabu. There are crabs, mushrooms, taufu and vegetables in the hot pot. The crab meat is fresh and delicious.
Alaska Shabu Shabu
Alaska Shabu Shabu
Next dish is the Alaska Snow Crab. I have to say that this is the best food that you should try at here. The crabs are well served. The crab meat is smooth and tastes sweet. Nice!
Alaska Snow Crab

It is Lou Shang time! And we had Salmon Sashimi Yu Shang for Lou Shang. This is wonderful. :)

Here comes the slices of beef and it is time for BBQ. We are served with pork, chicken and beef. I always love the korean bbq so much. The meat was good!

Korean Snowflake Beef
After BBQ, we were served with Hae Mool Jeon and Korean Fried Rice Cake. The Hae Mool Jeon tastes awesome! Korean Fried Rice Cake is very good too just that it needs to be cooked at a longer time in order to make the rice cake to be soft. Anyhow, overall, their food are excellent! If you are a korean food lover, you should try it on once or else you might be regret on it.
Hae Mool Jeon

Lemon ice with honey
The staffs are friendly. Environment is clean and comfortable. The lady boss is very friendly and nice person. :) 

Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant
Address: T041A, 3rd Floor Mezzanine, Midvalley Megamall. (it is near to Magnum and GSC cinema)
Reservation Tel: 012-227 3913

Kyung Joo Official Website: Kyung Joo Korean Restaurant
Kyung Joo Official FB Page: Kyung Joo FB

Kyung Joo is right beside this Taiwan Recipe.

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