Morelli's Gelato Malaysia @ Bangsar Shopping CentreMorelli's Bacio


Gelato yo! Gelato yo! 
"Gelato" is the Italian word for ice-cream. Gelato is milk-based, it contains less fat, tastes lighter and will not dull the taste buds. I love Gelato because I love the decoration of the ice-cream as it brings apetite and happiness. 

The fruits on the ice-cream is fresh. Ice-cream comes with fruits, waffles and cream. I'm here to give you a suggestion that don't share a glass of gelato with quite a number of people as you might not taste it perfectly. What I had experienced before is that I only managed to taste the cream instead of the ice-cream. Anyway, Caramel Sundae with banana is my favorite among all. I would recommend you to try on this if you visit Gelato. :)

Strawberry Sundae
Strawberry Sundae
Morelli's Bacio
Banana Royale
Hot Chocolate
Affogato Ice-cream

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