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My first time visit to Le Dream Hotel at Georgetown, Penang. I spot this new hotel in The photos of this new hotel shown in Agoda are not really beautiful. Thus, at first I don't really interested with it. But my boyfriend insists to try out this new hotel since it is rated as 4-Stars hotel with the very low and reasonable price. Here I come and it surprises me a lot. Let's see how beautiful the hotel is. The room is fully equipped. 

Once I step into the room, I am really really really shocked! Can you see how beautiful the room is? I feel like myself in a 5-Stars luxury hotel. The room is decorated with modern designs. I love the bed very much because it is very soft and comfortable. So far, this could be the most comfortable hotel's bed which I had ever seen. Especially the pillow, it is big and soft enough to sleep on it. 

Mirror and table.
Kettle with coffee and tea provided.
Little Fridge with 4 cans of Soft Drinks provided.
Basin in washroom.

Shower are in the washroom.
Big and small towels provided.
Shampoos provided.
Iron and Hair Dryer are provided. (They are in the cupboard)

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Address: 139, Jalan Pintal Tali, George Town, 10100 Pulau Pinang, Malaysia
Contact Number:+604-251 9370

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