Craving for Wantan Mee at Restaurant Soon Hing, SS2 PJ


Wantan mee is one of the popular food in West Malaysia. You can actually find this at any food stalls out there. It has become a default dish for every food court. I would say most of the wantan mee out there are delicious of course, but if you're looking a really super good one, this is the place which I would like to recommend you.
 Wantan Mee with Sausage
There are 6 pieces of sausages placed in top of the wantan mee apparently. The size is not that small and not that big, so I would say the size of sausages served is just nice overally and tastes good!
 Wantan Mee with Roasted Chicken
I love roasted chicken so it is delicious for me. Do you see the portion of the wantan mee? It looks big and its really big. I'm so full after finishing the whole plate. My satisfaction has been achieved.
I'm having frequent visits to this restaurant because I would want to try out every dishes. I use to spend my lunch or dinner right here at most of the time. It's a nice place indeed.

Restaurant BBQ Soon Hing
Location: 18 Jalan SS2/24, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

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