Must Eat Food in Miri - ABC & Rojak at Yummy Rojak House, Boulevard Miri, Sarawak


ABC Special, rojak, sotong & kangkung and fried prawn kueh are parts of the must eat food in Miri. I grew up at Miri, thus Miri is my hometown. I am missing these food so much when I am leaving my hometown to KL for work. I could never find these food in KL.

Sotong & Kangkung
The sotong and kangkung are apparently boiled and then served with the special homemade sauce and peanuts.The homemade sauce is pretty nice! I like the taste of the sauce with the kangkung, simply delicious.

Fried Prawn Kueh (虾饼)
This is one of the dishes that I like the most. It is crispy and topped with the homemade sauce. So actually I have ordered just the fried prawn kueh per serving as initially it is served with the combination of yam and the fried prawn kueh. You can choose to order one selection of them or both.

ABC Special
In Sarawak, we call this as 'special'. In other places, they named this as ice kacang but we call it as 'special' in Sarawak. This is my childhood memory of food which I use to have this over every weekends. A very nice one to refresh you and cool you down in a hot day.

Cincau Ice
This is how the cincau ice looks like in Sarawak. Haha.. It is not only cincau inside but also mixture of coconut milk. It tastes good!

Yummy Rojak House
Address: 2437, Jalan Boulevard 2a/1, Boulevard Commercial Centre, 98000 Miri, Sarawak, Malaysia
Contact Number: +60 16-211 8386

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