Learning How To Make Kimchi at K-Street Carnival, Klang Parade


I had a fruitful weekend at K-Street Carnival which was held at Klang Parade. The decoration of the carnival is so colorful. I brought my niece together because there were having activities for kids. My niece, Aaryn was so excited to play with the art & craft. She was so enjoying to paint on the plain white plate with different colors.
When I reached the carnival, the coloring contest was happening on the ground. There were many participants in the coloring contest and all the kids were so hardworking on filling the drawing with colors. I had spotted this girl and her coloring is quite pretty and so attractive.
While hanging around at the carnival, it is a must to try out the Korean snacks. Fish cakes, topokki and the sushi roll were sold during the carnival. It is my first time to try on the fish cakes and it tastes so good! So basically, it is available to buy from the carnival too, you can grab one if you want.
Except Korean cooked food, there are plenty of Korean snacks and Food sold in the carnival. If you are intended to look for delicious and authentic Korean food, please visit them as they are selling the authentic Korean food or snacks.
Plenty of flavors or mee cups are available on the rack too!
Seaweeds, anyone?^^
It was 1pm now, the Learn to Make Kimchi session started. A lady appeared in front of the stage and taught us how to make kimchi by our own. The organiser also provides opportunity for audiences to join this session to let audience to experience on making kimchi.
The little girl was extremely excited to make her own kimchi.
Apart front from that, I see a lot of people were queuing to try out the Hanbok (Korea Traditional Costume) and take pictures with the backdrop. It's free of charge, just grab one costume and put it on.
It is so lucky for me to watch the k-pop dance competition final show. All the dancers were performed very well on stage. Congratulation to the grand prize winner which fell to the team of Crush.
If you have missed this carnival at Klang Parade, don't worry, you still have a chance to visit them on this coming weekend at Citta Mall (7-9 July). I'm going to pay a visit again this time so see you there!
For further info about the K-Street Carnival Citta Mall, you can check it out at here.

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