Hair Bleaching & Coloring Treatment at 90's Hairstyle Sri Petaling


New Year is around the corner. I am trying to get ready to style my hair for upcoming Chinese New Year. If you don't want to have any disappointment during CNY season, you can grab your hair service starting from now onward. So, I have been attached with 90's Hairstyle which is located at Sri Petaling KL to get my hair service.
My new hair color - ash pink with partially bleached.
The shop is very easy to access. You can park your car at the parking building which is located at the next junction (behind the shop).
It is very easy to spot on this shop. There is a mini shop name board which you will be able to notice it when you are at the end of the junction.
I am served by a Senior Hairstylist. He brings a book of hair color to show me. He is able to consult me on which color suits me better.
After selecting my choice of color, Jinnson starts the treatment by Bleaching my hair first. I don't want to bleach my entire hair so he suggests me to bleach some parts of my hair. This could brighten the new color of mine later.
Hair Bleaching is in progress. It takes one hour to complete.
This is the result after bleaching. My previous hair color looks bright now.
Next, hair Coloring is in progress now. It's another one hour for this process. Surprisingly, I don't feel itchy during the application.
After washing of the hair color application, the final step of my hair treatment today is hair nourishment treatment. It is to repair the inner layer of my hair, supplement protein into my hair, and increase moisture.
After three hours, my hair treatment is completed finally. The color is really pretty! I have been told that the ash pink color with get obvious after frequent hair wash. ❤️❤️❤️

90's Hairstyle @ Bandar Baru Sri Petaling
Address: no 8, jalan radin bagus 6, bandar sri petaling 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Contact: 03-9054 6881

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