Italian Cuisines at Butler & Chef - The Italian Osteria, Publika KL


Red or White wine? 

Butler & Chef's dining concept represents the truly authentic spirit of Italian hospitality. With the creativity of the chef, you get to experience the menu courses which are specially tailored according to your personal favorite. It is not just based on your favorite, but you can let the chef know what is your budget and then the chef will design a budgeted menu to suit your preference.
The restaurant has a very nice ambient with comfortable environment. All tables are nicely set up. If you are looking somewhere to experience a great service for your dining, here is definitely a best choice for you as the chef would serve you from the beginning until the end of your meal.

T-bone steak is served and it is being cut upon serving. T-bone steak is perfectly cooked and chef will be cutting the steak right in front of you. It is half cooked as you can see the redness on the meat after cutting. The meat is so much soft, juicy and TASTY! It is served together with herb roasted baby potatoes on a plate. I have swallowed few pieces of them because it is so delicious! I am a person who doesn't really love to take beef but... this is really really so so good, believe it or not?
Chef is trying his best to cut the t-bone steak into slices. You can always let the chef knows your preferred doneness of the meat.
Eat the meat together with the red or white wine, best enjoyment ever!

I am served with Brussels sprouts soup which is topped with cream. The texture and its taste are perfectly fine.

Next, it comes with the dish of a large fish. This is another great service presented by the chef upon serving where the chef will be cutting the fish and portioning them wisely onto our plate.

Want to have some spaghetti? Yeah, chef will be cooking the spaghetti in front of us. The spaghetti is cooked with prawns, calamari and mussels and mixed with yummy tomato sauces.

Red Velvet Cake. The desserts are sweet and tasty. It is so much fluffy.

Our meal ends with gorgeous fruit platter. It consists of orange, watermelon, pineapple and apple.

I love Sgroppino! It is a combination of lemon sorbet, vodka and prosecco. The combination of sweet and sour taste is perfect.

Butler & Cher - The Italian Osteria
Address: A4-1-07, Publika, Jalan Dutamas 1, Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Wilayah Persekutuan, Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours: 10am to 1am midnight
Contact Number: 017-286 2652

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