A:Concept Make Your Concept Black Set Review


Received this cute 2-in-1 beauty kit and I'm loving it so much. A:concept is a cosmetic brand from Korea which is established since 2013. A:concept comes with a meaning of the one and only cosmetic concept designed for you.

What's inside the box?
Let see how I'm going to color my face with A:Concept beauty kit!

1. All in One Brightening A:Cushion
Price: RM66 including casing, RM23 for refill pack
It comes with two different colors of shade, #21 light beige and #23 natural beige. The one I'm having on hand now is #23 natural beige. I have been used to use light beige always but today I'm giving myself a try on the natural beige color. Its shade is not really able to brighten my skin but it provides me an equal shade appeared on my face skin. It is able to finish my makeup quickly and easily.
There is one thing that I feel this cushion set looks cool is because it's black in color. The cushion inside is found black in color too, it's so pretty.

2. Everything in A:Coral Lip & Cheek
Price: RM27
Having trouble on bringing both lipsticks and blusher? Don't worry, A:Concept is able to solve your problem. It can be used as lipstick on your lip and it can also be a blusher on your cheek.

3. A: Red Orange Lipstick
Price: RM23
It's a color that will bring light to your complexion. I quite order this color as it's not too red nor too orange. The mixture of both colors are just nice. It's easy to apply just few swatches to get my lip done with pretty color.

After applying my makeup by using A:Concept beauty kit, I just need to draw my eyebrow and then it would be considered as makeup completed. Of course, don't compare this simple one with the fancy makeup set. The simple one can give me a simple and easy look while the fancy one allows me to play around with the different colors of shades to give myself a refreshing pretty look daily.

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