Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner at Dynasty Restaurant, Renaissance Hotel KL


In celebration of the Chinese New Year this year (2018), Executive Sous Chef Kok Chee Kin and his team of talented chefs from Dynasty Restaurant are all set to immerse your senses with Festive Menus that capture the finest flavors of Cantonese cuisine from 2 February until 2 March 2018.
From the festive Dim Sum selection to timeless Treasure Pots or Poon Choi, a superb selection of set menus and a line-up of Yee Sang to please all palates, Dynasty is the place to spoil or be spoiled by family and friends.

Dynasty offers two selections of Yee Sang, Deluxe Yee Sang and Premium Yee Sang. For deluxe Yee Sang, half portion is priced at RM118 while full portion is priced at RM228. In selection of Deluxe Yee Sang, you get to choose salmon, fruity fiesta or jelly fish.

For Premium Yee Sang, half portion is priced at RM188 while full portion is priced at RM368. In selection of this, you get to choose,
1) Sea cucumber, abalone & pseudo shark's fin.
2) Abalone, jelly fish, scallop, salmon & lobster.
3) Mini abalone

Chef Kin has created three festive set menus complete with Yee Sang and Dynasty's fortune pastries with the use of traditional infredients. They are Happiness at RM1788 nett, Fortune at RM2188 nett and Longevity at RM3388 nett per table of ten persons.

If you are coming for two, there are two menu sets which are 6-course and 7-course Double Delight menus. They are priced at RM378 nett and RM578 nett respectively. However, group of six pax are covered with the 9-course Six Happiness Set at RM1188 nett. The 7-course and the 8-course Prosperity Treasure Pot Sets for five pax are meant to impress. These menus come with Yee Sang for diners to toss to their luck and good fortune.
Treasure Pot
Prosperity Treasure Pot
(for 5 persons)
RM488 or RM528 for takeaway

Golden Prosperity Treasure Pot
(for 5 persons)
RM998 or RM1038 for takeaway

Braised five treasure soup with crab meat & abalone

Crispy almond chicken

Sauteed golden prawns with pumpkin cream
Steamed live sea grouper with sliced ginger &chilli

Sun-dried oyster, fatt choy, flower mushroom & vegetable

Supreme seafood golden fried rice with X.O. sauce

Double boiled sweetened chrysanthemum tea with pear, red date & aloe vera

Dynasty's fortune pstries

For reservation, please call 03-27716692 or email

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