Chicken Up at SS15, Subang Jaya PJ


Korean food is always my favorite. Thus, my best friend brings me to this newly opened Korean style restaurant which is located at SS15, Subang Jaya. It is actually right next to Donutes Cafe if you know where it is. Parking is the biggest problem in SS15 but you do not have to worry about parking because you can park at SS15 Courtyard and walk over.

Snow Squid Topokki - RM68
We have ordered the UFO Topokki. The portion is quite a big one. Right at the center is the golden crispy whole squid. The crispy whole squid is soaped in the tteokbokki or rice cake which is cooked with fish cake and vegetables in sweet red chili sauce. There are five other side dishes surrounding the pool of tteokbokki, such as caramelized kimchi, cheese, cheese corn, kimchi fried rice and steamed egg.

Ugly Tang - RM38
Of course we have also ordered the Ugly Tang which is a Korean stew made with ramen, some ingredients and gochujang chili paste. It is served with the fire pot where it boils upon serving. So we can actually adjust the heat level by ourselves while eating. A very nice one because I love ramen so so much!

Ganjang Soya Chicken Wings - RM18
We have been told that this is the most popular fried chicken wings in the house. So we order one to try it out! It is marinated in Chicken Up's special soya sauce. It tastes juicy and flavorful.

Spicy Yangyum UP Mega Half Chicken - RM28
I like this one because it tastes sweet and spicy! Remember to wear the disposal hand cover before eating.

Sea Breeze Sojurita - RM48
I have gotten myself a drink of Sea Breeze Sojurita, so much chilling and refreshing.

Chicken Up
Address: No. 7, 7-1, 7-2, Jalan SS15/4E, Subang Jaya, 57500 Selangor.
Contact Number: 017-577 9377
Business Hours: (Mon-Thurs) 11.30am till 10.30pm ; (Fri-Sun) 11.30am till 11.00pm

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