Best Gfit - Elegant Preserved Flowers by Inflority


What to give as a gift to your loved one? This has become a headache to me when Mother's Day comes. I plan to get a flower for my mum but I found that fresh flower bouquet is just too simple and normal one to give. When I am stressed with this matter, a friend of mine has introduced an unique choice of gift to me - preserved flowers.

Be With Me, is the limited collection series from Inflority. It is a customized photo bell jar with real preserved flower, these flowers are able to sustain for 3 years and above. This is really awesome! There is always some thought on my mind about how to keep the fresh flowers alive for long time. And now, I got my answer! =)

Be With Me is a limited collection designed by Inflority and it comes with three series which are specially crafted for Mother's Day, Teacher's Day and 520.

And I have gotten myself the unicorn series. This unicorn series is a preserved Hydrangea wrapped with pastel tone colors hydrangeas in mini bouquet. It looks so elegant with the LED light installed on it.

Price: RM188
You may visit their websites for more information.

Isn't it pretty with the LED light at night? ^_^

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