FREE Calendar 2016 & Chance to Use Up Your Card's Point at Resort World Genting -


FREE Gifts redeemed at Genting
Information for Genting's Membership:
a) Redeem 1 set of Chinese Calendar 2016 with 1GP (1 Genting Point). Kindly go to the card's machine to print out the receipt of redemption. After that, walk to the place which is beside the escalator in the lobby there to redeem. (Don't worry if you do not know where is the exact location, you may ask around or you may spot it yourself when you are going to take the escalator)

b) Redeem the exclusive 50th Anniversary Special Edition Soft Toys with 1000RP (1000 Reward Point). Kindly proceed to the counter which is located beside the Casino. (near to Hainam Kopitiam) There are 4 different colors in total. I got myself a yellow one. 

c) Use your card's point to shopping in Genting. Genting has organised a wonderful event for customers to shop with their card's point. Turn your card's point to real cash! The event is located at Genting International Convention Center. It is at the lobby of First World Hotel. Heard from the staffs there saying that everyday are very long queue, even some of the people go to queue up in the early morning at 6am just to be the first one to get into the event to shopping.

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