Massage at Happy Feet Reflexology & Wellness at Kota Damansara Branch


Massaging has become one of my favorite entertainment recently. I love the foot massage, and yet I love this place very much. They have professional masseur to provide massage service. All of them are very kind and have good manner. The environment in the shop is very nice! There are comfortable sofas and TV provided for customers during their waiting time.

Process of washing legs
Before massaging, the masseur brings me to the leg washing area to wash my legs first. See how beautiful the washing area is. My legs are placing on top of the nice rock. And then the masseur starts to rinse my legs and then apply some soap to wash them. After washing, the masseur wipe my legs until dry. 

After that, she escorts me to the seat in the room. The room is in low light, thus you can feel how comfortable the room is. I am definitely able to fall asleep during massaging. I love this place too much because I can watch movie while massaging. They provide a lot of movies for customers. I have no idea how many movies are they in the TV player but I can guarantee that you can watch different movies in your every visit. Ginger tea is provided for each customer. 

If you need a muscular masseur, you may look for Jason, personally think that he has high potential to satisfy you. 

Please visit for the full address. The branch I have visited is the branch at Kota Damansara Petaling Jaya. 
Customer's Waiting Area
Legs' washing area

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