Singapore Food Review: Eleven Finger (Eu Kee) Scissors Curry Rice, Bugis


Eleven Finger (Eu Kee) Scissors Curry Rice is located in a coffee shop called Rong Liang Ge Eating House which is behind Bugis+. The stall is the best place in Singapore for Hainanese curry rice. Walk

It always has a long queue in front of the stall during lunch hours, but not to worry, because their turnover is fast. Good food is worth for waiting! =)

They are few selection of food to be chosen for topping up on your plate, such as fried chicken wings, fried egg, tau pok, stewed cabbage, braised pork belly and curry chicken. Auntie will then rinse the curry broth on top of the rice. The curry broth is the best taste ever! It is fragrant and yet not too spicy. 

Price are very reasonable, it costs me SGD$4 for taking one curry chicken and one braised pork belly. The braised pork belly is very well cooked especially the broth, best eat together with white rice.

All the food are placed nicely on the rack, they make me felt so hungry while queuing for order. The stall is very well cleaned, this is one of the reason why I love the stall so much.

Eleven Finger (Eu Kee) Scissors Curry Rice (Bugis)
Address: Blk 269B, Rong Liang Ge Eating House, #01-235 Queen Street, Singapore.

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