Jipangi 'J' Ice Cream is Now Available in Miri, Sarawak


In EAST Malaysia

What is TONGKAT ice-cream? It is actually exactly the same thing as Jipangi ice-cream. TONGKAT ice-cream is implemented by one of Miri people. An ice-cream stall is opened right opposite Imperial Permaisuri Mall. J cone is in 'J' shape while classic one is filled in cup. Their ice-cream is available in three flavors which are gula apong, matcha and nutella. Topping is also available. There are chocoball, almond flakes, popcorn and banana for selection with the add on minimum RM1.00. For free topping, you may choose to have cornflakes, peanut and biscuits.

photos credited to miricommunity.net.

In WEST Malaysia

Jipangi is currently a hot shop in West Malaysia. Because of their unique 'tongkat' ice-cream. It is located at several locations in Petaling Jaya. Everyone are crazy about it. Price starts from RM10.00. For people in West Malaysia, if you are craving for 'tongkat' ice-cream, you may visit Jipangi. For people in East Malaysia, you don't need to feel disappointed because Sarawak people is creative enough to come out the idea of TONGKAT ice-cream.

photos credited to eatdrink.my.

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