[Product Review] Lucido-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Spray for Damaged Hair


I have problem of damaged hair and dried hair recently. I am kinda worried about my hair because it makes me very difficult to comb my hair. My damaged hair is probably due to the hair curling, I am so frustrated until I found Lucida-L Triple Beauty Vitamin Hair Spray. Damaged or dried hair are needed to be treated with olive oil. 'Olive oil is how we refer to the oil obtained from the fruit of olive trees.' 

Triple beauty hair vitamin series with Vitamin A, C, and E which able to intensively absorbed into hair stems to create beautiful, shiny, and smooth hair. This vitamin spray contains olive oil, thus very suitable for the condition of my hair currently.It is in liquid form and not oily at all. The spray makes my hair feel fresh after applying it.

Description in Bahasa Malaysia's version:
Dengan kombinasi olive oil dan Moisturizing Agent membantu memberikan kilau alami, kelembutan dan kelembapan pada rambut rusakmu. Mengandung Vitamin A, C, and E. Rasakan manfaat hanya dalam satu kali pakai. Gunakan secara teratur untuk hasil terbaik

- Berbahan dasar air, tidak terasa lengket dan berminyak (water based formula), non-sticky and non-oily feeling
- Tidak perlu dibilas / non-rinse item
- Dengan keharuman floral yang lembut / light floral fragrance

Manufactured by: PT. Mandom Indonesia
Content: 200ml

You can see my damaged hair from the picture. The condition of my hair goes better once I have applied it for few days. Remember that you have to apply it on a clean and dry/half dry hair so that the hair can absorb thoroughly.

how to unlock and use.

There are 3 variants, for Dry Hair, for Normal Hair and Damaged Hair. It is actually very travel friendly because of its secure lock. There is also a small bottle type of hair spray in 50ml. It depends on how much you need to use it up for. I bought this 200ml vitamin spray for SGD$5 from Carousell, it is kinda a bargain.

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