Beauty Review: My Weight Loss Experience at MyFIR Wellness Malaysia


I have been invited to try out MyFIR Wellness's Far Infrared Sauna recently. You may call them up to make a booking before visiting them. Once I reach, I am being consulted by a lady regarding what I am going to experience after that. I am required to fill up a form provided as she would like to see whether my body is suitable for this treatment or not. It is very important to prevent any incident to happen to yourself during the treatment so please be honest when you are filling the form.
After that, she measures my body weight before the treatment. They are using an intelligent weight machine where you are able to know some specific details by referring to your weight shown on the machine. For example, you may get to know what is the mass of your bones before the treatment and any effects would be reflected after the treatment as well. Let's get start with the sauna treatment now!
1. Got myself to try the Far Infrared Saunas at MyFIR Wellness
You must be wondering what is Far Infrared Sauna? I was thinking that it is just like normal sauna we are having everywhere. But yet, it is not as simple as it is. It is different compared to normal sauna. The heat from Far Infrared Sauna cabin comes from infrared waves which are part of the electromagnetic spectrum produced by the sun. Infrared waves are on the low end of the spectrum where the wavelengths are long and less intense. Infrared waves are just below those of visible light. They are "gentle" waves that give off heat. It does not bring harm to human's skin though.

I have been told that there are plenty of benefits on experiencing Far Infrared Sauna. One of the benefits which has attracted most of my attention is weight loss. Nowadays, people tend to stay half a day in the working place without moving their bodies around. 'No time to exercise' has become an excuse for people to stay an unhealthy life recently. I always feel so lazy to work out. But now, I have no excuses anymore until I meet Far Infrared Sauna.  

Here are the benefits of Far Infrared Sauna:-
  • Stimulates Workout Sweat
  • Boosts Detoxification
  • Penetrates skin more deeply
    • Penetrates 2”to relief muscle and joint pain
    • Helps people with Cold Hands and Cold Feet
  • Reduces Calories and Normalize Weight
    • Burn 600 calories in a 30min session
    • Improves metabolism and helps loose weight
      • Raises Metabolic Rate by 13%
    • Melt Fat
      • At 100°F you melt fat which helps release toxins from blood streams improved circulation
    • Improves Energy
    • Improving Heart Rate
    • Cardiac Output
    • Metabolic Rate Increase
    • 2-3X more sweat than a regular Sauna
    • Lose Body Fat
    • Improves Lack of Energy
  • Slows Aging Process
  • Supports Immune System
    • Increases WBC and Killer T Cells
    • Temp. doesn’t dry out mucous membranes
  • Increases Blood Circulation
    • Brings more nutrients and oxygen to cells and helps:
      • Improve Health
      • Reduce Soreness
      • Aches, pains, spasms, inflammation, stiffness
      • Tissue regeneration and hormonal alignments
  • Relieves Aches and Pains
  • Clears Mind and Senses By:
    • Cleaning your Body Internally and Deepening Relaxation and Sleep by:
      • Reducing stress
      • Tiredness
      • High Blood Pressure
  • Helps Skin
    • Cleanses Skin
      • Sweat Off Impurities and dead skin cells
      • Improves skin tone and elasticity
      • Clears Cellulite through sweat detoxify
      • Clears;
        • Acne
        • Eczema
        • Psoriases
        • Removes Roughness
    • Clears Cellulite through sweat detoxification
    • Younger Skin
  • Recommend use Daily - 3 times a week
I am now going to walk into the sauna cabin. It is placed in a closed room where you may have your private space to enjoy yourself. Basically you need to take off your clothes once you are inside the sauna cabin. The sauna cube looks pretty nice to me. I got myself prepared and walked into the sauna cabin. There is a towel prepared, I am going to use it to wipe off my sweat during the treatment later.
Get yourself relaxed and sit down. The temperature will increase steadily. So, your body will not feel hot directly once you enter the sauna cube. Drinking water is prepared and placed inside the sauna cabin, thus drink the water as much as you can to prevent dehydration. 
I sweat a lot during the treatment, but it is surprising me that the sweat is not sticky at all. If you work out frequently, you might know that sweating is definitely made your body feel very sticky after that. But, it is not for this treatment. It is nice because I don't need to take shower after the treatment as my body is not feeling sticky and also it is not smelly at all.
2. Experiencing Foot Sauna
MyFIR Foot Sauna device is available to purchase from MyFIR Wellness. It is very easy to use, place your legs into the sauna device and then turn on the switch. You may adjust the temperature according to the guideline. During the foot sauna treatment, I can do some reading or playing around with my iPad so that I am not getting bored. It is very nice to me as I do walk a lot everyday, I can actually get my feet relaxed by using this device everyday. It tends to brings some benefits to human such as detoxification, relaxation, pain relief, better blood circulation, and it may also improve your sleep as well.
3. Experiencing MyFIR Slimming Blanket
Great news to ladies who wish to loss weight! I found that MyFIR Slimming Blanket is one of the best choice to make your body to loss weight. Anyway, it is also available for purchasing at MyFIR Wellness. How to use? Firstly, find a place where the entire blanket can be fully 
placed. Then, turn on the switch to adjust the device. You may then lie down onto the blanket and get yourself wrapped into it. It just needs 30 minutes time to burn up to 600kCal. This tends to bring some benefits to human such as burns fat, reduce cellulite, removes toxins & heavy metals, pain relief and it also improves sweating. By the way, some precaution must be taken cared before this treatment. You are not allowed to go with this treatment if you are involved in any surgery or injections before, Its temperature is up to 80 degree Celsius only.
Price of MyFIR Sauna Cabin, MyFIR Foot Sauna and MyFIR Pad for per session are stated as below. And also, the price of the devices are also included as they are also selling for these to customers.

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