A day visit to Kranji Countryside Singapore - Bollywood Farms


Wesak Day of the year 2016 falls on Saturday. So, my friend invites me to join her on visiting Bollywood Farms. We plan to take 1.00pm bus from Kranji MRT station. So, we reach Kranji MRT station at around 12.30pm. This is our first time to travel to the countryside so we have totally no idea which bus to take and how does the bus look like. According to the lady from the MRT counter, we have to proceed to the bus station out there to wait for the bus to Countryside.
So, we walk to the bus station and keep our eyes on the 'correct' bus to hop on. It is too bad that we can't even find any photos from the internet on how does the bus look like. It is almost 1.00pm and we are about to change out plan to Woodland Mall if we are unable to meet the bus at 1.00pm. After another 5 minutes of waiting, the bus shuttle has arrived finally. It is obvious that it is a bus shuttle to Kranji countryside. Well, I take some photos of the bus shuttle and decide to show it out here on my blog to acknowledge my readers.
The bus fare is $3 per pax for round trip. Reminder, keep the ticket as you will definitely need it during the return time. You can stop by at any stops in the countryside by just showing the ticket to the bus driver.
Please find the bus schedule at here. The bus runs daily, including public holidays.
It takes about 30 minutes to reach Bollywood farm. Before reaching Bollywood farm, the bus shuttle will stop at 3 or 5 stations (I don't remember how many stops exactly). Anyway, if you see the place as shown as the image above, then you can get down from the bus. 
It is so nice to visit here as you can take a good breath as the environment here is very greeny and the air is so fresh. It is a very good place to bring your family to visit here especially kids. Kids tend to learn on the name of the plants and trees easily from here as every plants has a name plate beside it. You might never see a curry tree or lemon tree before, thus, Bollywood Farm is the very best place for you to experience and broaden your horizons.
There is a restaurant in Bollywood Farm where you can find organic foods at this place. No idea why the seats inside are all under reserved. So, we found our seats at outside the restaurant. 

1. Remember to apply sunblock before heading to the farms.
2. Prepare exactly $3 for the bus driver as he might not have small changes for you.
3. Look for the correct bus shuttle. (please view my images of the bus shuttle at the top of this post)
4. Keep the bus ticket until the end of the trip.
We are advised to refer to the menu on the board. It is the menu of Bollywood specials of the day. While looking at the menu, I can smell the fragrant smell of the fried chicken wings which I decide to order it.
I have ordered a Warrior Platter which consists of chicken curry, fried chicken wings, tempura, fried fish fillet and veggies.
The dishes are presented in a flat basket nicely. The food is tasty and it is good to be eaten together with rice.

I have gotten the menu as below for your reference.
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