How to Shop Online Without Flying to Oversea? ezBuy Ship For You!


Anyone doesn't love shopping here? I bet no one on earth would not love shopping. Today I am going to share a new international online shopping platform, is actually the number one Singapore registered company which is specialized in oversea purchasing, logistics and international shipping. I always wondering how to ship my parcels from USA or Taiwan with low shipping cost. There is always higher rate of international shipping cost charged by those oversea online shopping website and this has become a problem for shoppers. But now, I have no worries anymore as I have to ship for me.
It is very easy to use. There are two versions which are mobile app version and website version. I probably love the mobile version because I can shop at anywhere I am. What you need to do is go to google play store to search for "ezbuy" and click to download. 
Two Simple Steps To Get Start:
1. Download & Open.
2. Sign up a new account.

(mobile app version)
(website version)

Spotted a pretty dress from Yeah! ezBuy ship for you.
Want to fill up your wardrobe with more Hollister tee? Yeah! ezBuy ship for you.
Want to restock your beauty products made from Taiwan? Yeah! ezBuy ship for you.

Don't you think it is great? Come and register now and you get a RM15 shopper voucher with this link:

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