Singapore's Birthday Party Is On Going! Happy 51st Birthday To Singapore!


YEAH! Finally I got the precious chance to watch NDP 2016! Wondering what NDP stands for? NDP stands for National Day Parade of Singapore. Singaporean calls their country's big day as NDP. According to Singaporean, NDP is a must watched show every year and it is not guarantee that all citizens are able to get the entrance tickets. Entrance tickets to NDP is free-of-charge which make sense that the show is entitled for their citizens but it is not paid to make the show. So basically they need to submit the application of tickets one to two months before the shows, and the successful applicants are depending on lucks.

Show starts at 6.30pm, so I decide to go as early as at 3.30pm because gates open at 4pm. The entrance is crowded with a lot of people as expected. However, it is not so packed at around 4pm but I do see long queue starts right behind me. So here I am at National Stadium Singapore. We are required to scanning check before entering the stadium. After that, I proceed to my gate to enter the indoor of the stadium.

We scan our tickets at our own gates. The usher will guide you to your seats. We are not allowed to simply choose our seats, so actually we gotta fill in every single seat row by row upon entering. The indoor of the stadium is so cool which I can cool myself down due to the hot weather

It is still early until the show starts. So, I enjoy my goodies bag first. That is so nice of the organizer that goodies bags are provided on every single seat in the stadium. There are a lot of goodies can be found in the goodies bags such as two bottles of mineral water, nuts, snacks, voucher booklet, brochure, flag, SG scarf, plastic fan, card slip. I probably choose the red color of bag as in you can see there are 2 different color of bags on each seats.

It's still early... so snapping some photos first! National Stadium is so equipped.
At 6pm (which is before the show starts), the four emcees arrive by buggy and kick off NDP 2016! We sing along of NDP favorites with local band 53A as well as the legandary Kallang Wave. I found that NDP favorites are quite nice to listen, I probably love them.
The parade marching begins with the musical band and their performance. You probably think that parade marching is always the most boring part, well I am so impressed to their parade marching, can feel the patriotic hearts of them.
The day gets darker, and the lights in the stadium dim. It's grandpa story telling time about the story of building a great nation to his four grandchildren. Then, the show begins after the story telling.

Act 1: Badang and the Singapore Stone

Badang, the legendary Singaporean strongman, takes on his ferocious challengers in this fiery act. The lesser-known legend of Badang is a theatrical representation of the strength, agility and resilience of the nation to weather through hardships and challenges in our nation’s history.

Act 2: Four Civilisations

Our Four Civilisations celebrates the rich diversity of our culture and the harmony of our people that makes us uniquely Singapore. As Grandpa moves his story to a more recent past when our forefathers from various parts of the world migrated to Singapore, Act 2 pays tribute to the four civilisations whose values and beliefs we have inherited. Joining the participants will be four towering beauties in 8m tall culturally-inspired costumes emerging from beneath the stage floor.

Act 3: Dare to Dream

Dare to Dream kicks off the second movement of the Show to inspire Singaporeans to dare to dream about the exciting future that awaits. It features a beautiful aerial and automated unicorn against a sea of rainbow-coloured lights produced by the audience’s LED wristbands, symbolising the hopes and dreams of our younger generation.  The concept draws its inspiration from what PM Lee Hsien Loong mentioned last year about Singapore being like a unicorn –  one of a kind, a special animal, like no other in the world.

Act 4: Ingenuity

This act represents how Singaporeans are likened to be architects, artists and engineers of the future. The energetic dance choreography is complemented by awesome music and light displays, and performed by performers with LED costumes, hand props and ninebot machines.

Act 5: Building Our Singapore of Tomorrow

Be awed by the Sky City – a floating city prop made up of multiple iconic buildings which are up to 6 stories tall – facilitated by high-definition 3D projection mapping and real-time tracking technology. Participants from Act 4 will continue to wow the audience with their energetic dance performance.

Act 6: Our Home, Our People

For the first time in NDP’s history, the Show will feature a song signing segment. This involves over 150 special needs participants from seven Voluntary Welfare Organisations hand-signing to a song performance of What a Wonderful World. 420 participants will create an awe-inspiring mass display of changing images which are adapted from the hand-painted artwork of students from TOUCH Community Services.
Sky city transforms into a giant tree!

NDP 2016 has come to the end. Everyone is so excited when the balloons fall from the rooftop.
Fireworks start at 8.18pm sharp at outdoor of the stadium.
I am truly enjoyed the show so much! Impressed with their performances, their preparation of everything and especially they manage to control the situation on the real day perfectly. 

Photos are produced by Huawei P9 Plus & GoPro Hero4.

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