Overrated Food at San Low Seafood Restaurant, Johor Bahru


I don't give bad reviews sometimes, even if the food tastes not really good in some restaurants. But too bad I'm gotta share my experience on this meal to my readers here. I read a lot of reviews from few bloggers regarding this restaurants and everyone are giving super great comments on their food. So, I choose to come ahead to try.

Date Visited: 17th September 2016
Time Visited: 8.30pm

We found a table and sit down. Perhaps, the table is still in a mess so we request a staff to clean. After few minutes, we are approached to place order. It's nice that they do provide menus upon ordering. That's impressive I would say. We have been told that our waiting time is around 35 minutes. So, our food are served after 35 minutes.

Pork ribs is served at the beginning. And it's so much disappointment from us. The pork meat is not soft and chewy. I have no idea how to describe, it's just couldn't fix my taste bud.

I would give some expectation on my favorite squid dish. This dish is cooked with butter, and it tastes just like a normal dish with no special handling or flavor. This is the small portion size and it costs me RM19 which I think it's not worth for it.
Hong Kong Taufu tastes ok and the sauce is not really flavored as expected.
San Low Bee Hoon is the signature dish at San Low Seafood Restaurant. So I make a try on it. Personally think that it has nothing special till could be known as the specialty of the restaurant. (p/s: I read from all the reviews on the blogs claiming that San Low Bee Hoon is a must try dish on your next visit.) Apparently, the beehoon is cooked plainly with egg, few slices of fish paste and vegetables. I can feel that there is so much msg applied to this dish. RM10 to get this, I don't think it is worth. Overall, I don't really like the sweet and sour pork ribs and the butter squid. I'm putting some expectations of these two dishes but they are disappointed me.
Lastly, I do really wish those who operate businesses should always educate your staffs on how to serve customers to meet satisfaction. I believe that nobody would like to see your unpleasant expression while visiting to your stores or shops. There are a lot of spaces of improvement on the quality of food. I personally think that it's not worth for waiting to be served after more than half an hour.

**So sorry for writing this out but I do really need to share my bad experience to my readers. This is how I felt after reading lots of good reviews from several bloggers and went to try it out. Maybe other dishes are tasted ok and maybe I am bad luck on it. Anyway, you can still head onto there to try it out yourself. :) **

San Low Seafood Restaurant 三楼海鲜
Address: Jalan Biru, Taman Pelangi, 80400 Johor Bahru

Hours: Daily 

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