Youmiqi ShunDe Cuisine (有米气) at Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur


Youmiqi is a Chinese restaurant which features Shun De cuisine. The owner, who comes from Shun De, brings the original Shun De cuisines to Malaysia. Shun De is actually a district in the city of Foshan, Guangdong. The style of the cuisine is quite similar to Cantonese cuisines but the specialty of Youmiqi is the Flaming Superior Soup.
Master Chef Flaming Fish 太古火焰鱼
The owner has come out with his special creation of the signature dish - Master Chef Flaming Fish. Ingredients for Flaming Fish dish are based on your own preference. Thus, I have my selected ingredients in the huge wok. This portion is recommended for 7-8 persons. 
Red-Tailed Goby 红尾虎 RM98.00
Mud Crab-Braised 肉蟹 RM78.00
Cheese Baked Yam Tat 紫心薯 RM22.00
White Clam Mactra-Braised 沙白 RM19.00
Mix Ball 双丸 RM25.00
Yam 香芋 RM12.00
Dry Beancurd Skin   支竹 RM13.00
Flaming Superior Soup RM23.00
The dish is actually quite interesting which it is cooked on your table. First, the ingredients are placed nicely in the huge wok and served on the table. Then, the waiter is then pour the broth into the huge wok and keep it for boiling. It can be eaten once it is boiled. However, don't over-boil else it will be not nice to be eaten already.
Salt & Pepper Paddy Chicken 椒盐田鸡
It is crispy and comes with a little bit salty and peppery. It is actually one of a must have dish for a complete meal. I believe that Chinese will never miss this dish out from their meals. The little mushrooms head are being placed creatively on the plate where they look like a little mushroom tree on the plate.
Appetizers: Cucumber and Chicken Feet cooked with dong gui, wolf-berries and red dates. They are usually served at the beginning of the meal without additional charges. The cucumbers are crunchy and flavored, very nice to eat.
Pan Fried Pork Rib in K.H Style 甘香煎排骨 
Fried pork rib is always our all time favorite. It is deep fried with added glutinous rice wine, thus it tastes with sweet with crispiness.
Stir Fried Pork Tongue with King Mushroom 鸡腿菇炒猪俐
Yeah, it's the tongue of the pork in the dish! I would say it is not a normal food and not everyone would like it. But, the chef has very well-prepared this dish and the slices of pork tongue are smooth and chewy plus juicy.
Shun De Steam Black Fungus 顺德版蒸黑木耳
Black fungus contains rich dietary fibers and yet Chinese love to include this in the meal. The black fungus here is imported from Yunnan which the chef claims that it is one of the best black fungus in China. Not to deny that the imported black fungus tastes good!
Red Bean Milk Custard (1/2 dozen) 葱油饼
My meal comes to the end with 'Chong Yao Bin'. We always hear 'Chong Yao Bin' in Hong Kong drama series which is one of the popular snacks or desserts in Hong Kong. This is the best of the best I could say. It is fantastically awesome! It is more likely a fried bun with spring onions. 
Youmiqi ShunDe Cuisine (有米气)
Address: No 57, Batu 3,  Jalan Klang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: +603-7890 0855 / +6016-382 8778
Fax: +603-7980 0963
Operating Hours: 12pm to 3pm, 6pm to 10.30pm daily.

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