Dcode Fresh Horizon Party 2016, Selangor Turf Club #CreateOwnDiscoverExperience


I am so excited to be invited to DCODE Fresh In Horizon party recently. I'm allowed to bring 3 friends with me, thus I am heading to Selangor Turf Club with my friends to rock and roll!

Dcode Fresh Horizon was held in The Selangor Turf Club on 3rd September 2016 from 2pm until 6pm. It was the Malaysia’s longest interactive Water Slide in collaboration with Slide The City. Yeah, it's Slide The City! That's so much fun! A bottle designated as DCODE is available to purchase at the event. I have filled it with different flavor of drinks from the water machine.
 Originated from United States, the 1,000-foot giant water slide was organized in various countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and now in Malaysia.
DCODE Fresh Lounge
I get all my drinks from this station where beer and liquor can be obtained from here.

DCODE Vending Machine
I have purchased my DCODE drinks from the vending machine with the coupon I got. Choose your flavour and go on!

Boost Jump
It's time to challenge yourself! Yes! I'm gotta jump from up there.

Foot Golf

Human Pac-Man

Boost Pong

DCODE Academy Bus

Slide & Switch - Malaysia's Longest Interactive Water Slide 

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