CNY Big Meal with CRABS at Crab Generation


There are crabs and shrimp inside the plate, truly fixed my satisfaction. It tastes super good because of the super delicious garlic toppings on all around the plate. The shrimps are in large size and they are fresh.

Singapore Chili Crabs
I can now crave for my favorite Singapore chili crabs in Malaysia! It is now available in Crab Generation. It is sweet and spicy, you would definitely love it if you like to take spicy food. Dip the fried buns with the sweet and spicy sauce, this is another great way to eat as well!

The pouch rice is topped with a lot of chinese sausages. I am truly in love with this dish as I love to eat chinese sausages so much. It is a worth dish to try at Crab Generation.

A super-rich platter from Crab Generation. It comes with braised abalone, osmanthus wings scrambled eggs, cereal tofu, BBQ salad ribs. The braised balone, coupled with wolfberries, best flavor ever!

What are the slices in the middle circulating the mushroom? They are mushroom slices. They are wrapped with yuba, carrots, nushrooms, onions and vegetables. Dip the broccoli with the sauce and eat, best taste ever! 

Yee Sang with Slices of Salmons

Crab Generation is now promoting two different package of CNY meals.
Package A: RM688++
Package B: RM988++
Book before 15th January to get 10% off and to avoid disappointment.

*Note: Restaurant closes on FIRST day of CNY.

蟹的傳人 Crab Generation
Address:60-G, Jalan 1, Taman Len Sen, Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.
Business Hours:11am-2:45pm; 5:30pm-10:30pm(週一休)
Contact Number:+60 16-614 0793/ +60 16-302 2989


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