Celebrating 38 Women's Day with GRAB


To celebrate International Women's Day, Grab has offering a promotion campaign of #GrabMagnum to make the world a sweeter place. Let's celebrate International Women's Day with Grab and Magnum as a portion of the proceeds from #GrabMagnum will be channeled to the Women's Aid Organisation in promoting equal rights for women.

Order them from 8 - 12 March with credit/debit card using the GrabMagnum special icon between 10am till 4pm.

How to order?
Step 1: Open the Grab app. (Make sure you have downloaded it)
Step 2: Look for Women's Day Magnum Promo and request for the Grab's trip.

The Grab car will then reach to your destination to deliver o you.
Magnum's flavor: Pink Promegranate
Offer: RM10 for 4
(p/s I have eaten one of them. hehe)
I am hereby to wish all the lady a Happy 38 Day! =)  

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