My Favorite Food at Newton Food Center, Singapore


Visiting Singapore is about food hunting. I love to visit food center whenever I visit Singapore most of the time. This is because I can find delicious food from the food centers. There are a lot of food centers located around in Singapore and hereby I visit the one at Newton Circus.

Being hearing from friends that there are few dishes are worth to crave on. Newton Food Center is considered one of the popular food center where locals and visitors tend to come here to grab for some delicious local foods.

1. BBQ Chicken Wings
This can be found at everywhere so I won't say this is the most delicious one, anyhow it is one of the choices which you can grab from this food center. It tastes very good thou. 
2. Chicken Satay
Satay, it is everyone's favorite! Why only chicken satay? It's because I prefer chicken satay than the beef or lamb one.
3. Sweet & Sour Oyster
The oyster is fried with the chili sauce, hence makes the oysters taste sweet and yet little spicy.
4. Grilled Fish
The fish is grilled with sambal sauce on top, tastes super delicious!
5. Oyster Egg
Oyster egg is a kind of Hokkien dish, thus it is a must try food in Singapore. I pretty like the sauce served as it tastes perfect together with the oysters.

Location: Newton Food Center, Singapore
How to get there? - Nearest MRT station is Newton Station

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