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There is something nice which I would like to share with you. I got my own designed shirt and special thanks to Lightbulb Online to make this success. Isn't my own designed shirt pretty? Lightbulb Apparel has offering this great opportunity for you to design your own shirt through online and get printed after that.
I feel honored to be invited to the Lightbulb Apparel Website Launching and it is the time how I apparently made my own shirt. There are laptops provided and we are allowed to play around with their new launched website and try out the design website to customize our own tee.

I would like to briefly introduce you with their amazing Tee Design Website. The website is quite user-friendly. As you can see, they are having 4 types of shirt selection to get start, which means that you are able to choose in either polo tee, round neck shirt, hoodies or jersey.
1. Polo Shirt
2. Round Neck Shirt
3. Hoodies
4. Jersey
 I have selected the round neck shirt, and now I am starting to customize on the shirt.Pretty easy right! You see it right, it costs only RM16.90 for one shirt.

The most awesome thing is, there is no limit for the order quantity! You have no way to get this price at just one piece of shirt at outside, some more it is with your own design printed on the shirt.

Here is a tutorial video to give you a simple guide on how to play around with the website.

We are experiencing on how the printing is done on the tee by the staff. It is pretty much works to do from cutting the designs out and to iron it on the tee by machine. Good job to the staffs from Lightbulb Apparel!

Group photos of us duing the launching event! =)
We are served with delicious food and drinks too.

Goodies are given to each of us!

It's so easy! We can now design and order it at anywhere and anytime.
We always say that 'Everyone can fly!'.
But now, I would say,
'Everyone can deisgn their own and print now!'

Good news to my readers, you can now use my special discount code ShirleyFriends to enjoy the 15% off upon your purchase.

For more info about LightBulb Apparel's website, you may visit here:

T-Shirt Design Online Platform:

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