My Routine Hair Care After Perming at Hair Attitude Workshop, Pandan Indah


If you have been following on my blog, you might know that I have changed my hair style. :) I basically did perming at Hair Attitude Workshop which is located at Pandan Indah, KL. After perming, I need to something to nourish my hair. The hairdresser from Hair Attitude Workshop is so kind to introduce me with the hair care products which I might need to apply it myself at home.

1. Pro-Vitamin Therapy Leave in Treatment Spray (Complex & Hydration Moisture Control)
2. Bio Care Magic Curl (Control Volume Wave)

There are two steps to use two of the products. I have been using these for 2 weeks and they are just fine for me. My little sharing tips as below.

First Step: Apply Pro-Vitamin Therapy Leave in Treatment Spray.
After hair wash, towel off the excess water.. Shake the bottle gently and then spray onto the curly part of the hair. After that, try to massage the curly part of the hair so the liquid can spread accordingly. It can actually be used on dry hair too.

Benefit: Protects hair from potential thermal damage by hot perm and repairs the damaged lipid layers of hair texture. Protects hair from UV rays and hair dryer heat while replenishing the inner core with ample moisture, leaving hair moist and shiny.

Second Step: Apply Bio Care Magic Curl.
After step 1, rub the gel onto your hands and spread into dry or wet hair, then mold or blow dry.

Benefit: To control the volume wave.

It is very easy to use. Don't be lazy and treat your hair good. You can get these products from Hair Attitude Workshop.

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