Chiropractic Treatment with Dr Deon at My Precision Chiropractic, Sri Petaling KL


This is our third visit at My Precision Chiropractic Clinic. As usual, we have set our appointment one week before. We report to the receptionist before meeting up with the doctor.
We are then entering the room to meet Dr Deon. He greets us nicely and have a good chat with us. Then, Dr Deon starts to examine Michael's back to see whether there is still having any pain or not.
Today, he wants Michael to work around with the functional chair. Dr Deon gives the instruction to guide Michael on how to have the correct posture on the chair. Then, Dr Deon begins the treatment on Michael's back part.
Surprisingly, Michael feels his back pain problem much better right after the treatment just now.

Feedback from the patient (Michael):
"Was having my backache for a year since last March. Didn't think it's a serious issue until one day being recommended to this clinic. Without going through the full body xray I didn't even know that I have misalignment problem starting from my pelvics which causes the back pain. Every treatment makes the back pain go away bits by bits. I can say that after around 3 treatments I can feel that it's 80% much better from the usual back pain that I used to have. Thanks Dr. Deon for being so passionate all along the journey. Appreciate it and will recommend to other friends who need this treatment. Thumbs up!"

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My Precision Chiropractic
Address: 13, Jalan Radin Bagus 5, Sri Petaling, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
(There is a parking building just right in front of the clinic, so you don't need to worry about where to park at the area.)

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