My Ramadan Buffet in the year 2017 at Big Apple Restaurant, Berjaya Time Square Hotel KL


It's fasting month for Muslim now. So where to buka pass? Why not trying the Ramadan Buffet at Big Apple Restaurant. It's located at Berjaya Time Square Hotel. You are not going to believe what I have seen on what has been prepared on the buffet table. There are variety of food being prepared for this buffet session.

Seafood! Fresh seafood are served, oysters, crabs, prawns, etc. Seafood lovers, you're going to love this!
Local Malay food are also available. This Ramadan buffet has offered with the theme of Bazaar. Thus, you can see that food are categorised into different stalls as well.
Beef and chicken satay! Delicious!
This is the first time I see roti John in a buffet dinner. It tastes so good but remember, don't eat too much or else your stomach might have no spaces for other food anymore.
Feeling like to eat ice? Yeah, ais kacang & ice-cream is available too. You can choose your own toppings for your ais kacang.
Fish head curry is going to be cook by the chef later on. All ingredients are prepared on top of the table. If you're lucky enough, you get to witness the cooking show.
The most amazing one is the lamb briyani. Lamb and briyani rice are separated, slice the lamb serve yourself.
Private Ramadan Buffet at Big Apple.
Period: 29th May until 22nd June 2017, 6.30pm until 10.30pm
RM128 nett per adult (1st & 4th week)
RM58 nett per child (1st & 4th week)
RM138 nett per adult (2nd & 3rd week)
RM68 per child (2nd & 3rd week)

RM118 nett per pax (with guaranteed minimum of 10 tables. Get one complimentary table for every 10 confirmed tables)
RM148 nett per pax for full meetings
RM158 nett per pax for half day meetings

For reservations, please contact +603-2117 8000.

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