Craving for Potatoes (New Menu) at Yellow Brick


Tastes U.S. Fries like you never tasted them before!
In conjunction of U.S. Fries Fiesta, when I heard there are delicious new menu of U.S. fries going to be introduced at Yellow Brick, so here I am! My top favorite food is potatoes, thus whenever there is new menu of potatoes dishes, I will hunt for it.
Posh U.S. Fries
Posh U.S. Fries is made by U.S. potato. It tastes different compared to normal fries that I usually have. The taste is really good, it's because of the quality of the potatoes used. This serving is enough for 3-4 persons but I'm having it for myself only. It has become my main dish tonight! :)
Sloppy U.S. Spuds
Potatoes are cut into slices and baked just nice to consume. It tastes wonderful! As Posh U.S. Fries has become my main dish, so I would take this as my second main dish. Hehe. Serving is enough for 1-2 persons if you order more than 1 dish. However, it can be enough for one person if you're coming alone.
I have ordered cranberry drinks and sarsi with popcorn. It's so refreshing after all. 
For more info about U.S. Fries Fiesta, visit here.

Yellow Brick Restaurant
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