Delicious Lu Rou Fan at Tai Bae 台宝贝, Sky Avenue Genting Highlands


Heading to Genting but have no idea what to eat? Let's have a look here and see what I'm having during my visit at Genting.

Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭
+ Soup of the Day
+ Seasonal Vegetables
RM30.80 (member price)
Do you see that the braised pork is fully covered on top of the rice bowl? It is so tempting. It comes with a a braised egg too. The portion of each set is good enough for a single pax.

Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭
+ Soup of the Day
+ Curry Chicken
This set of braised pork rice comes with curry chicken together. For a person like me who love curry for so much, it is definitely the one which I couldn't miss it!

I couldn't describe how good does it taste but I would definitely recommend you to pay a visit to Tai Bae Restaurant when you are at Sky Avenue Genting. Taste it yourself and you might understand what I'm actually feeling right now. ^.^

Tai Bae 台宝贝 Restaurant
Address: Sky Avenue Genting Highlands

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