My Short Vacation to Pangkor Island (2D1N)


It's Hari Merdeka and it's gotta be a long weekend. I'm heading to Pangkor Island for a short getaway. We depart from Petaling Jaya at 9am and it takes me 4.5 hours to reach Lumut Jetty. The highway is congested with a lot of cars.

We park our car at here when we arrive Lumut Jetty. It is safe to park at here. The entrance fee is at 60 cents per hour. I have spent RM14.40 for my 2 days 1 night stay at Pulau Pangkor. The fee is reasonable for me.
So I quickly grab the boat tickets from the counter, the next available boat is at 2.30pm.

➡️Ticket fee: RM14 To & From Pangkor.
*You have to buy return ticket as there is no ticket selling at the island. Keep your tickets until your return day.

It takes about 20 minutes to reach Pangkor Jetty. Take note that Pangkor Jetty is at second stop, don't rush out when the boat stops at the first stop else you will be heading to the wrong place.

What are the transports to use once we landed Pangkor Island? Basically there are 4 choices that you can choose to use to travel around the island.
Motorcycle ▶ Car ▶ Taxi ▶ Bicycle
Too bad I can't ride motorcycle because I don't know how to ride. So, I rent a kancil to go around the island. However, the best transport to go around the island is motorcycle because the road there is narrow and the island is actually small. Car rental is at around RM70 while motorcycle rental is at around RM50.

*Never believe that the old petrol pumping machine still exists.
We then take taxi to Coral Bay Resort Hotel with taxi fare RM10. It is just 5-10 minutes drive. Checked in hotel and taking a short nap before heading out to the beach. The hotel room is spacious but it is a little bit too dirty so we request to change a new room.
The hotel is located at Coral Beach, it is just 2 minutes walk to reach the beach, it's quite convenient.
At 5.30pm, we head to Nipah Beach by motorcycle. It is the most popular beach at the island. Watching the sunset is the best moment I have had at the island.
There are plenty of Seafood restaurants beside my hotel. These could be the popular spot for dinner. We walk around the restaurants at 8.30pm but all the restaurants are full house so we select one which has lesser crowd and sit down.
Waiting for food to be served for around one hour as the serving is very slow. My dinner has turned to become supper. Pangkor is famous with seafood so it is a must to eat seafood at here. The total bill for my dinner is RM80 only. Food is worth the price and portion is big.
There is no nightlife at Pangkor so we stay at hotel for the night.

On the next day, we wake up early morning and to grab our breakfast at hotel. After that, it's time for us to crawl around the island. Our first stop is at Hai Seng Hin Satay Fish factory. This factory produces a lot of delicious satay fish and seafood products. There are also testing samples for trying purpose, all the snacks here taste so delicious.
I have actually controlled myself not to buy too much as everything in the shop look so nice for me.
Second stop is Dutch Fort. Dutch Fort is one of the tourist spots on the island. The ruins are the remnants of an outpost of Dutch attempts to control trade in the Malay peninsula. The fort is called Kota Belanda in Malay word.

Third stop is Fu Lin Kong temple. It's a famous Taoist temple in Pangkat island. The temple is spacious with a small pond with fishes in it. Walking around the temple and snap some pretty pictures.
We have done the visit to all the tourist spots at 11am. We are then heading back to the hotel to prepare for check out. We manage to catch the 12.30pm boat ride back to Lumut Jetty. I would advice that if you are going to rent a car or bike, you may want to rent it once you touch down at Pangkor Jetty because you can save up the taxi fare from jetty to your hotel. I have actually spent extra RM20 for taxi ride to and from jetty, it's quite a waste then.
Thanks for reading, my two days one night trip at Pangkor island has ended. =)

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