Incredible Show Presented by Swiss Dream Circus at Waterfront, Desa Park City


Do you know about Swiss Dream Circus? Swiss Dream Circus is presented by Le Tresor Legacy Ventures Sdn Bhd. They are having the talented circus performers from all over the world gathered together to create the perfect blend of acrobatics and bravery for an experience where power meets fearlessness and amazement has no bounds. After having their two sessions on the past two years (2015 & 2016) at Mutiara Damansara, this year they are having their third season in Desa Park City from 29 September 2017 to 22 October 2017.

I am so excited to watch their amazing show! It is really a wonderful night for me. I would highly suggest you to watch it in real because that is the only way you can truly feel and enjoy the show to its maximum.

The show begins with a sleepwalker on the slack wire. Evgeny Siepukhin, from Russia, has collected various prizes for his amazing act such as the Circus Festival "Golden Karl" in Riga and Silver prize at the Circus Festival in Ashdod. He is then performing an incredible handstand on the one inch thick rope. Then, his show is getting amazing when he stick around the jaw-dropping finale and rotates around his own axis.

Next, the flying pole is performed by a pretty lady, Anastasiia from Ukraine. It seems easy but actually it is hard as flying pole requires a lot of body control and power to handle. However, Anastasiia is able to present a harmonious mix of pole and aerial acts with ease.

Free Ladder act & Juggling Act Transnistria are presented by Andrii Maslov. He combines dance and the art of juggling into an incredible act. The modern moves and the smooth ways of bringing up to seven balls in the air are just beautiful. His unique style and ease of performance could easily fool any audience including me into believing that it is easy to juggle with such precision.
(*sorry for the blurry image as Andrii's act is so fast till my hand couldn't hold on.. :D *)

A ballet student, Anastasiia, from Kiev and a sportman, Oleksii, have come together to create the beautiful act and have performed all over the world. I am astonished when the moment Anastasiia stands on her partner, while he is holding himself to the pole as a human flag.Wow! I just couldn't believe my eyes, it just just too amazing.

(rotating at the pole)
(Both are in horizontal position with Okeksii's hands on the floor.)

Uilana, from Ukraine, boasts a fantastic Hula Hoop act and is one of the best in her field. She is also combining other acrobatic elements into her beautiful act.

Guys, please take a deep breath before you watch this! I am extremely astonished. Skywalker Aerial Act is presented by Isidro Navas, he is hanging himself by his feet at 35 feets above the ring, balancing under the circus dome or jumping from one trapeze to another without any security. This talented performer from Ecuador is one of the most famous stunt men in the circus world.

I like to watch Clown Andre as he is so cute. The Swiss Clown Andre is like the favorite comedian Mr Bean. Andre is one of the most famous clowns in Europe and was awarded at the prestigious Circus Festival in Monte-Carlo. Don't miss the chance to watch his show as it is pretty entertaining.
pix by Joshua Gasper for 9 Inch Tales

Waterfront, Desa Park City.
(It is right next to the park.)

29th September to 22 October.

Tickets are priced at RM39, RM49, RM67, RM78, RM105, RM129, RM149, RM159, RM169, RM199.

To purchase from or call HOTLINE number during office hours at +603 80766700 / 500.

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