FoodTopia 'Foodbulous Weekday Treats' 2017 at The Mines


It's eating month now at The Mines Shopping Mall as FoodTopia 'Foodbulous Weekday Treats' is happening from 6th November until 1st December 2017. FoodTopia brings us over 40 delicious meals offered by 13 participants F&B outlets. It is available on weekdays during this period and for dine in only.
How to get RM9.90?
2) fill up details
3) screenshots the QR Code
4) show it to the restaurant that u want to dine in
5) enjoy The Meal & Pay Rm9.90
There are so much of delicious food from these 13 outlets but today I have been visited 5 of them to fill up my stomach. All of these sets cost at RM9.90 each only, worth the price.

My first stop: Nyonya Mama (Lot K14*18)
❤️Set 1: Assam Laksa

❤️Set 2: Curry Noodle

❤️Set 3: Nasi Lemak Sambal Sotong

These sets come with selected drinks such as limau, cincau, siao and iced lemon tea.

My second stop: Dubuyo (L1-80/81, L1-80/81(ORA), Level 1)
❤️Set 1: Chicken Soondubu Jigae, Rice, Roasted Barley Tea
❤️Set 2: Chicken Honey Garlic Bulgogi, Rice, Roasted Barley Tea

My third stop: Teppanyaki (Lot No. L1 - 84 & 85)
❤️Set 1: Niku Soba, hot/cold green tea

❤️Set 2: Mini Chicken Teppanyaki, hot/cold green tea

❤️Set 3: Salmon Head Miso Soup, hot/cold green tea

My forth stop: Sepiring (Lot No. L1 - 91, Level 1)
❤️Set 1: Penang Assam Laksa, iced peach tea

❤️Set 2: Nasi Kunyit with Curry Chicken,iced peach tea

My fifth stop: The Chicken Rice Shop (Level 1, L1-104 & 105)
❤️Set 1: Single Portion of Crispy Roast Chicken with Rice and Soup of the day with 12oz Ice Lemon Tea

❤️Set 2: Sai Too Fish Ball with Shredded Chicken Noodles with 12 oz Ice Lemon Tea

My Sixth stop: Esquire Kitchen (Lot No. L1 - 48/49)

This special treat ends on 1st December. Hurry up to enjoy this special treat at The Mines!

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