Yee Sang Reunion Dinner at Three Brothers Restaurant, Seksyen IT Shah Alam


Salmon Yee Sang
Chinese new year is around the corner. Finding a good place for reunion dinner is always a headache thing to decide. I would strongly recommend this place to you to have your reunion dinner this year. They serve top quality and delicious cuisines.

We start our cny meal with Salmon Yee Sang. Salmon served is very fresh. It tastes so good together with the Yee Sang.
Love the time spent together with precious friends for Yee Sang.

Spanish Iberico Platter
This platter comes with roasted Iberico ribs, Iberico de cebo with melon and pan fried Iberico collar. The ribs are baked just nice, it is best to eat with the sauce. The portion of this platter is more than enough to serve a group of 10 people.

Double Boiled Geoduck & Fish Maw Soup
Do you ever know what is geoduck? It's actually a saltwater clam. The soup is cooked with geoduck, fish maw, mushrooms and chicken. The chicken soup is boiled just nice and I love this so much.

Ginger Steamed Giant Grouper
I'm shocked when the giant Grouper is served right in front of me. That's really a big one. I would say it is big in term of its thick fish meat. It tastes perfect with the ginger coated on top.

Money Bag with Fish Maw
There are alot of fish maw in the plate and tastes yummy! I like the one next to the fish maw where the meat is wrapped with the fuzhu.

Scallop & Prawns in Truffle Sauce
If you love to est truffle, I would recommend this dish to you because it is cooked with truffle sauce. The vegetables and seafood are fresh and juicy, it is well cooked as it is not too soft and not too hard to chew.

Crab Meat Fied Rice
Crab meat fired rice tastes so good! Rice is fired with a lot of crab meat, thus it tastes sweet and yummy!

Italy Tiramisu
This round, Three Brothers Restaurant serves imported Tiramisu. Guess what, this is awesome! I truly in love with this deserts. It could be the most satisfied CNY dinner that I have ever had.❤️

You may make booking through phone call at 0123486631 (Kwan), 0123152953 (Shawn Lee) or 0123152053 (Alice).

Three Brothers Restaurant 三兄弟
Address: 23-G, Jalan Bukan CA U5/CA, Bandar Pinggiran Subang, Seksyen U5, 40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.

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