CNY Prosperity Menu at Boat Noodle, Empire Damansara


Boat Noodles (in Thai language calls as kuaitiao ruea) is actually a Thai style noodle dish with strong flavor. It contains meat as well as dark soy sauce, pickled bean curd and some other spices. It is normally served with meatballs in Thailand.

I love boat noodle so much because it serves in small portion for each serving and it is actually quite interesting that I can choose to eat how many bowls of the noodles I want. Stack the empty bowls together after finishing each serving is just way too amazing.

Prosperity Yum (Beef / Chicken) - RM1.99/bowl
The prosperity yum beef or chicken comes with Thai rice noodles or springy noodles. Order it based on your preference. That is the way how you eat boat noodles.
Boat Noodles with springy noodles is delicious. The noodles are cooked soft and spongy, just nice for chewing.
Boat Noodles with Thai rice noodles is yummy. Firstly, choose the flavor you want, either beef or chicken. Then, select the noodles you like, either Thai rice noodle or springy noodle.

Thai Fried Chicken - RM12.90
Biting something crispy is really nice when you are having your boat noodles. The Thai fried chicken is served hot, bite it slowly if you do not want to hurt your tongue. Dip it with the sweet sauce would be perfectly nice.

Blue Butterfly - RM5.50
Mango Smoothie - RM5.50
Boat Noodle Restaurant is also having their new menu of drinks now. It is the Blue Butterfly. Yes, the drinks is blue in color and it turns to become purple after adding the lime sauce into it. It is quite an interesting thing that is now appeared in this restaurant. Get to enjoy the miracle of color change of the Blue Butterfly drinks while having the delicious boat noodles.

These 4 new menus will be available until 28th February. Don't miss out this chance to try it out!

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