Hair Coloring Done in Less Than Two Hours with 7 Steps Only at Hair Color Expert, Damansara Uptown


Recently I'm looking for a hair salon to change my hair color but I'm having limited budget for it. I have heard that there is a hair salon which offers the lowest rates in town. It's the Hair Color Expert. So I have downloaded their official app because my friend told me that appointment can be set through online.

The name of the app is Hair Color Expert. I'm quite impressed with their official app because it is very convenient to use. I have selected my preferred time based on the availability. It can actually save up my waiting time upon visit.

Basically they are having 3 services in the salon.
1) Coloring
2) Bleach & Coloring
3) Nano Treatment

Step 1: Make your appointment with Hair Color Expert.
The branch that I'm visiting is at Damansara Uptown. It is a new opening branch after their first branch at Sri Petaling. It is the best chance for those who are staying at Petaling Jaya to be able to enjoy their service. During my visit, I have been served by a staff. You may need to have an idea on which color to choose before visiting. However, the staff will roughly consult you on the hair color preferences too.

Step 2: Get consultation and choose your color upon visit.

Step 3: Coloring process starts.

Step 4: Sit at the resting corner while waiting for hair wash. Timer is set and given to me for my turn on the next step.
They provide food and drinks at the resting corner and I am allowed to eat and drink whatever I want.

Step 5: Hair washing.
Step 6: Nano treatment starts with steaming process.
Step 7: Hair Washing and then hair drying.
My hair coloring process is done in 1.5 hours with just 7 simple steps!

And, it costs me at less than RM200 only!!! WoW!
Short Hair - RM51.83
Medium Hair - RM73.03
Long Hair - RM94.23

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