First Attempt at Shabu Zone and Grill, Petaling Jaya


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It is a Modern Japanese fusion Shabu-Shabu

and Grill restaurant.

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What is my first thought when I saw this grill pot? Yes! The answer is Bar B Q Plaza~ :D Inste
ad of going to Bar B Q Plaza, this will be the awesome place to go.It is a 2-in-1 Buffet style which includes buffet and grill. Let's scroll down to look for more pictures, I bet you will fall in love to it. 

The fish is fresh. I love to grill the fish as it tastes better.
There are beef, lamb and chicken which you can choose for grilling.
Anyhow, we grilled the prawns. It tasted not bad too. And, surprisingly, their prawns are well-cleaned, I love it as we don't need to take off their shell before eating.
For the selection of soup, there are four types of choices which are clear chicken soup, tomyam soup, beef soup and a special soup base which is named as all in 1 soup. Maybe you can try out the all in 1 soup, it is special and tastes not bad too. 
tomyam soup
beef soup
It is a free flow for the meat. You can order as much as you can. Worth it right! Meat eater will definitely love this. :)
There are also variety of food for buffet. You can take it without leaving your seat, it is so convenient.
Next, their sauces are awesome. I love the BBQ sauce very much. For those who love satay sauce, you can try on the homemade peanut sauce, my friend can't stop to have this for the entire dining time.
Let's move to the drinks section. They present their drinks in this way. All kinds of drinks are well-prepared in cups and ready to be served. There are orange juice, blackcurrant juice, barley, and so on. I like this style as I don't need to keep on refilling my drinks all the time. There are fruits and pudding served as well too.  

Ice-cream section! They provide different flavors of ice-cream. I like the chocolate chip ice-cream. We always see normal flavor of ice-cream in other buffet restaurants, but this restaurant provides something special for the customers instead of providing the normal flavor like vanilla, yam and strawberry ice-cream.
chocolate chip ice-cream
As you can see that the environment is nice and clean. What I can say is that I really enjoy having my meal at here. Everything is well-organised and their staffs are very friendly. They are polite and willing to serve you well.
The buffet price is reasonable. You can choose either buffet and grill or buffet only. 
Price List
map to get yourself there
To be more cleared about their location, if you know Restaurant Murni, it is just right opposite Restaurant Murni. If you are able to find Restaurant Murni Sunway Mentari Branch, then you can see their shop.

Shabu Zone and Grill
Address: B-G-3A, Block B, no 1, Jalan PJS 8/15, Arena Mentari, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Contact Number: +6016 641 2086 (Ben)
Official Facebook Page: Shabu Zone and Grill
Official Twitter Page: Shabu Zone and Grill Twitter
Website: (under construction)

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