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Tori doki restaurant is having a concept of open-kitchen where diners can enjoy watching the steps of making their food by the chef. It is quite interesting when I get to watch how my food is well-prepared. If you have the same thought of mine, this could definitely be the place for you to dine in. 
Tsukune - RM11.00 per stick
Tsukune is one of my favorite yakitori which grilled with sweet and salty tare sauce. I love the sauce the most. 

Tsukune - Nice taste!
Toridoki - RM8.00
Negima - RM5.00 per stick
Toridoki and Negima, the chicken thigh, the meat is soft and you may easily swallow it into your mouth. 

Maruyaki Grilled Whole Chicken - RM45.00
The whole chicken, which the weight is around 800-900 grams, is marinated overnight by using some simple ingredients such as Japanese sesame oil and bamboo salt, Chef Joe said. The chicken meat is not too dry but it is just nice to be chewed. This dish comes with three type of sauces (ponzu, tare and sea salt). When the whole chicken is served on the table, the waiter will cut the chicken into pieces right in front of your eyes. 

Whole chicken has been cut into pieces.

Konsai Salad - RM18.00
In progress of adding cheese topping.
Next comes with the appertising dish, Konsai Salad. It is well-mixed with pumpkin, sweet potato, cabbage, tomato, carrot, broccoli and lotus root. There is a cheese served to get your dish with cheese topping upon serving. 

Teba Age - RM10.00
Teba Age would be the favorite for chicken wings lovers as the taste is so good with the sweet and spicy sauce and sesame seed on it. 

Sunagimo Ahijyo - RM18.00
Sunagimo Ahijyo is a dish of chicken gizzard and 8 kinds of vegetables served in hot plate with French loaf. 

Chicken Gizzard coated with olive oil
Dashimaki Tamago - RM14.00
Tamago, the steamed rolled egg, is one of the dishes among all I would like to recommend. It is thick, soft and fluffy. The chefs might have such a wonderful and excellent skill to produce such a perfect egg rolls for us. 
Nagaimo Garlic Butter - RM12.00
Nagaimo Garlic Butter, it is known as Japanese yam (wai san) which is tossing with garlic and butter. 
Cheese Yaki Onigiri - RM12.00
Cheese Yaki Onigiri is a dish of camembert cheese with grilled rice ball. It is quite a big size for one piece of it. Thus, one piece is just nice for sharing of two. 
Houjicha Pudding - RM10 per cup
Houjicha Pudding is one of their best selling dessert and it sold out everyday. Thus, you might need to order for it earlier. 
Potato Salad (Complimentary Starter)
Refreshing Lemon Juice
Refreshing Juice
Diners are allowed to keep their unfinished drinks for the next visit. 

The most strategic seats to get yourself closer to the chefs.

Plenty of seats provided in the restaurants.
Front View of Tori Doki Restaurant

Tori Doki Japanese Yakitori Restaurant
Address: No. 40, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Contact Number: +60 - 12 937 3754 / +603 6206 4676
Operating Hours: 5.30PM - 12.00AM (last order for food at 11.00PM, last order for drinks at 11.30PM) 
Official Website:
Official Facebook Page: Tori Doki Facebook

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