Delicious Ra-men at MARUTAMA RA-MEN, Berjaya Times Square KL -


Char Siew Tamago Ramen - RM33.20
 Char siew Tamago Ra-men is chicken soup Ra-men with 4 slices of roast pork, seaweed, spring onion and a seasoned egg. You could choose in between spicy or non-spicy. I have ordered a non-spicy one. It tastes so good, I love the egg so much. The seasoned egg (Ajitsuke Tamago) is the highly recommended dish. It costs RM2.90 per piece. 

Aka Tamago Ra-men - RM30.90 
 Aka Tamago Ra-men consists of 7 kinds of groundnuts mixture with chicken soup and chicken meatballs, seaweed, spring onion, pickles radish, coriander, lemon, and seasoned egg. This dish is mild spicy, so if you like to eat something little spicy, you may go for this as well. 

Additional Toppings are available for your meal:
1) Kaedama (Refill Noodles) - RM4.10 
2) Kakuni (PORK Bellies) - RM8.75
3) Char Siu  (3 slices of roast pork) - RM7.00 
4) Tori Char Siu (Roast chicken) - RM5.85 
5) Aosa (River Bed Seaweed) - RM9.35  (import from Japan)
6) Negi (spring onion) - RM1.75 
7) Ajitsuke Tamago (seasoned egg) - RM2.90
8) Lemon - RM2.35 
(All prices are inclusive of 6% of GST)

They are offering Weekdays Set Menu too. For working people, you may come and have a try on their ramen. It's really the best! =) 

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