Go Noodle House at One Utama 有间面馆


Good news for those who visit One Utama Shopping Center. Go Noodle House is another new restaurant to dine in for lunch or dinner. The queue is crazily long since the first day they opened. Everyone are willing to wait for the long queue probably because their food is really nice and price is reasonable. The first thing which impressed me is the menu book. The menu book is full of images of food and the texture of the book is very beautiful. I am enjoying myself so much by flipping the book over and over again.

Get to hold a menu book while you are waiting for the food to be served. The menu book indicates the history of San Xian Tang Mi Xian. Spare your waiting time with the beautiful story on book and enjoy the environment in the restaurant.

"天下第一面" means the best Mee in the world. It could be the best Mee in One Utama Shopping Center. There is always long queue during lunch hour everyday. It is worth to wait for it if you have plenty of time to be. The collection of Shaoxing wine are placed nicely on the rack attached to the wall. If you would like to add some Shaoxing wine in your noodles, you can probably purchase a bottle of it from here. You can then leave yours on the rack in the restaurant and you may use it whenever you visit here next time.

There are various type of mee soup offered in the menu including spicy and non-spicy.

Having a bowl of fish balls soup is just nice in a cold weather. The soup is not too salty.

You get to customize your noodles based on your own preferrence. There are two types of noodles for you to select which are their specialty handmade Mi Xian rice noodles or regular bee hoon. After that, you get to chosoe on your soup based from superior or spicy broth. Then, you can select add-on ingredients on your noodles such as pork belly, beef slices, clams, 'song fish' belly, squid balls, fresh prawns, scallops, bitter gourd, fish paste, pork balls and foochew fish balls.

This is the snack platter which consists of bbq pork slices, fu chuk and Taiwan pork sausages. The bbq pork slices, which are also called as 'gold coin' in chinese, are the most delicious after all.

Go Noodle House 有间面馆

Address: LG 308, 1 Utama Shopping Center, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Number: +60 19-316 8866
Business Hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm

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