家乡菜 at Restaurant New Peng Wah, Damansara Jaya


Signature Lala Soup (small – RM16.00, extra large – RM48.00) 
thick meat of lala
The Lala Soup is flavored with Tong Kui and wolfberries. The herbal taste and the aroma of the wine light up the taste of the soup. According to the owner, their lala is imported from Philippines, the meat is thicker and it is size D. The soup tastes so good until I couldn’t stop myself from having 3 bowls of it. 
Signature Slice Pork with Nyonya Sauce – RM15.00 (small), RM22.00 (medium), RM28.00 (large)
Other than pork, you can choose from chicken or fish to stir with nyonya sauce. Not to deny, this is also a better choice to eat with rice. Love the texture of the dish which brings appetite to me. 

Signature Potato Fried Pork – RM13.00 (small), RM18.00 (medium), RM25.00 (large)
The potatoes are sliced into a very thin piece and fried with pork. The taste is so good where the potato itself is sweet and then mixed together with the pork meat. A very nice dish to be consumed together with rice.

Signature Deep Fried Ma-Yao Fish (Senangin) – RM6.00/gram
Signature Deep Fried Ma-Yao Fish (Senangin) is one of the favorite dish of regular customers. It is very crispy with the companion of soya sauce. This could probably be your best choice if you love crispy fried fish very much.

Claypot Brinjal – RM28.00 (large)
It is a Temerloh village style dish. This is probably the favorite dish for people from Temerloh. The brinjal is well cooked with prawns, minced meat and belacan paste. I love this dish so much.

Stew Grouper Fish Head – RM23.00 (small), RM38.00 (medium), RM48.00 (large)
You might be curious how the dish taste like is, the ingredients used to prepare this dish are old ginger, garlic, red chillies, capsicum and soya sauce. The dish is slightly salty thus you need to eat with rice, or else you might feel the high level of saltiness of it.

Claypot Hua Teow Wine Chicken – RM15.00(small), RM21.00(medium), RM30.00(large)
Here comes another favorite dish of mine. The dish smells so good till I would want to get more rice for myself. A claypot style Hua Tew Wine Chicken could be one of your choice if you love chicken. 

Wa Tan Hor

There are plenty of big tables which are 

Restoran New Peng Wah
Address: No. 15 & 17, Jalan SS22/19, Damansara Jaya, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Number: 03-7727 5288 / 03-7875 8987

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