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Tsubohachi is a famous Izakaya originated from Hokkaido, Japan in 1973 with total of more than 300 outlets to date. The ambiance of the restaurant is very nice. I love the colors of their design in the restaurant. The restaurant is clean and everything is neat and tidy. There are different sections of dining areas where customers can choose their preferred seats. They do provide tables at outside for smokers. Let's scroll down and have a tour in Tsubohachi. More details of their food are coming up soon. Stay tuned. =)

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Front view of Tsubohachi. Their restaurant is facing the main road at Publika. It is located at Block A of Publika.
These are the seats at outside of the restaurant for smokers.
Seats inside the restaurant.
Round table inside the restaurant. Probably suitable for those who come for chilling.
VIP seats in a private room. For a group of people, you may choose to get a private room during your visit.
Here is the big private room a big group of people. Probably suitable for mini party or gathering dinner.
The cute menu, I love their menu so much.
See how beautiful the menu is. The food in the picture makes me hungry.

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