Best Drinking Corner at Tsubohachi Izakaya-Hokkaido, Publika


Drink ALL I can in 90 minutes! I don't really drink beer but I'm falling in love with the liquor provided. I would like to recommend you to try out their Ginger Highball and Yuzushu Glass(On the rock). I like Yuzushu the most! It tastes a little bit sweet. Must try! I'm getting crazy with their drinks! 
Tsubohachi Special Banquet! 

Liquor Buffet at RM168 nett only! (Course dinner with 90 minutes)
Tsubohachi is a very nice place for drinking. Japanese expats love to hangout at this restaurant for chilling. I have personally tried it out myself and now I'm going to introduce you the favorite drinks to be ordered at Tsubohachi.

Top 1 Favorite: Yuzushu Glass (On the Rock) - RM19.80
The friendly staff has introduced me her favorite drink, Yuzushu Glass. After I tried for different flavor of drinks at there, I personally think that this is the most yummy drinks among all. All my friends agree with me too. So, I could 

Yuzushu Glass (On the Rock) - RM19.80
On the Rock

Top 2 Favorite: Ginger Highball (Suntory Whisky with Lemon Ale)
You might think that the ginger in the drink might be tasted awful. You're wrong, the ginger and lemon ale are the perfect match for this. The alcohol level is around 5% only so don't worry to get drunk easily. This is the must try drink when you visit Tsubohachi!

Ginger Highball (Suntory Whisky with Lemon Ale) - RM20.00

Top 3 Favorite: Asahi
Asahi is a well known liquor where normally customers would order this for chilling. 

Top 4 Favorite: Mocktail RM8.80 each
Mocktail is suitable for ladies. They serve non-alcohol drinks too which is only RM8.80 per glass. There are 8 choices in total.
1) Sunrise 
2) Shirley Temple
3) Angel's Smile
4) Florida
5) Tomato Sunset
6) Saratoga Cooler
7) Apple Frazzel
8) Summer Delight

Mocktail - RM8.80 each

If you would like to have more alcohol drinks, you may try their Shochikubai Kyoto Fushimizu Jitate and Ozeki Kinkan. Both of these are the best sellers of the restaurant.
Shochikubai Kyoto Fushimizu Jitate 1.8L - RM180
Ozeki Kinkan 1.8L - RM160.00

Tsubohachi Hokkaido Izakaya
Address: A2-UG1-9, Publika Solaris Dutamas, 50480 Hartamas Heights, Kuala Lumpur.
Contact Number: 03-6206 5526

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