Best Taste Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh (阿成肉骨茶) at Bugis, Singapore


Mee Sua (面线汤) - SGD$ 2.50
Best Bak Kut Teh is found at Bugis, Singapore. Their bak kut teh soup is really tasty enough! Mee Sua in bak kut teh soup is the first time I see in bak kut teh shop, it  tastes very good. If you don't want to eat rice, you can select this for yourself.

Mee Sua (面线汤) - SGD$ 2.50
For Bak Kut Teh, you can select your preferred type of meat  to be added on in your soup. I have selected pork ribs for my soup based. No word to describe, the soup is really very strong in taste. I have asked for refilling the soup for several times. 

Pork Ribs Bak Kut Teh (肉骨茶) - SGD$ 6.00
Other than meat, there are also stomach part, intestine and etc for your bak kut teh. Different ingredients bring out a different taste of the soup. Probably I eat all the garlic found inside the soup. :)

Pig Stomach Part Soup (猪肚汤) - SGD$ 6.00
You Tiao is a must eat food together with bak kut teh. Their You Tiao is crunchy, dip it into the soup and eat it, this can make the You Tiao to taste better.

You Tiao (油条) - SGD$ 2.00
Mui Choi Pork Belly is another good dish to be eaten with white rice. It is well-cooked Mui Choi, must taste it with rice or else you will find it slightly salty without tasting with rice.

Pork Belly (梅菜扣肉) - SGD$ 8.00
Minced meat omelette is another best selection for your meal. It is an ordinary omelette but the specialty of their omelette is mixed with minced meat. 

Minced Meat Omelette (肉脞蛋) - SGD$ 6.00

The shop is very easy to reach, it is a 5 minutes walking distance from Bugis MRT. Cross the road at the traffic light to reach the opposite side.
Ah Seng Bak Kut Teh (阿成肉骨茶)
Address: 530, North Bridge Road, #01-01, 188747 Singapore.
Contact Number: +65-6635 2583

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